About Us

Madagascar Team

The Madagascar side of the Mobile Library team is the heart of our registered nonprofit. They are on the ground implementing our projects with profound zest and leaderships that can only occur when local leaders are given the opportunity to take charge of projects in their own communities.


Our Madagascar team is mostly a family-run operation, led by JJ, Co-founder and Programs Operator. JJ and Shana first met back in 2014 during a 3 week tour that JJ hosted through a travel company. When the mobile library was formed, JJ had been a tour guide for 12 years and was truly made for the role he helped to forge. 


His family, comprised of his wife, father-in-law, and (occasionally) his daughters all support the Mobile Library in varying capacities. Notably we also work with the first female mycologist out of Madagascar, Anna, who also works out of England.


Agriculture Program Manager

US Team

The US team, co-founded and led by Shana, is a curated selection of people integral to the strategic online functioning, marketing, research, support and expansion for Madagascar Mobile Library’s growth and projects. Notably, we have began work with an Oregon-based mycologist to help manage and develop our expansion into mushroom cultivation and taxonomy as a means of income generation and food sovereignty. Our US team is a family in its own right and is seeking additional people. 


Our partners play a crucial role in supporting all of our locally-led grassroot projects.

Our Development Timeline


Established first traveling mobile library program in Madagascar


Started seed & tree sharing program and taught about food forests and permaculture


Started construction of food forest


Started research on mushroom cultivation

We are looking for volunteers, board members, and more!

We are actively expanding and are seeking board members, volunteers, partners, collaborators and eventually additional experts and staff. If any of these roles appeal to you, please get in contact with us. 

Check back for updates on what we are looking for as we develop and expand our impact. 

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