Please Support Madagascar Mobile Library Projects

Books and Education | $20,000

New books, learning resources, second van and repairs on current van

Regreening | $5,000

Purchase and plant new seeds and trees

Mushroom Cultivation | $20,000

Sterile mushroom lab, tools and training

Grant Placement | $12,000

Expert grant placing for one year

Mushroom Taxonomy | $18,000

Permits, taxonomy tour, pay local trainees, post processing

Madagascar Mobile library is a registered nonprofit in Madagascar, and fiscally sponsored by US registered nonprofit Luena Foundation (EIN 83-3302256). This partnership creates a path from which donations $500 or higher are tax deducible through Luena’s 501 C3 status in alignment with US law. We are currently processing paperwork for 501 C3 Status in order to offer US tax deduction for all gifts amounts. 

For online donations, we trust Donorbox (partnered with Stripe) to handle the processing of our online payments.

Donations by check can be made out to LUENA FOUNDATION and in the note section please write MOBILE LIBRARY. Checks can be mailed for donation processing here:

Jason Mills
Treasurer, Luena Foundation
23 Kerley Ct.
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Looking to make a larger impact?

We work with individual donors and larger organizations to help fund our projects. At the moment there are several projects available to choose from. Let’s get in touch!

Traveling To Madagascar Or Live In Madagascar? Donate Your Books To Us!

Books are very precious to our cause. Currently we have collected 3,000 books, but we need much more. If we have more books we can establish more libraries that can continue after we must travel to the next villages. It is our dream to establish as many libraries as possible across Madagascar. When visiting Madagascar be sure to ask about more space in your luggage for donations to charities. Airlines usually offer this for charities. It is very difficult to get certain books, like nature encyclopedias, because books are expensive to ship to Madagascar. 

Volunteer With Us

Our volunteers are what makes the heart of our mobile hub beat at its strongest. Whether you want to volunteer online for Madagascar based charities or you are traveling to Madagascar and want to volunteer in person, we have a spot for you. Usually, volunteers visiting from Madagascar have come with us on village tours which last 5 days. If you want to volunteer in Madagascar please contact us.

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