Agricultural Practices In Madagascar

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Madagascar suffers from soil erosion, largely due to deforestation and harsh agricultural activities that degrade the land like slash and burn. “Deforestation impoverishes not only the land, but also the people” (Klein, 2002). Crop yields are decreasing due to declining soil health, and further, low yields in staple crops, especially rice, often do not sustain households throughout the year. Methods of agriculture that sustainably increase and diversify yields and regenerate degraded lands have not had widespread adoption in Madagascar, such as improved rice agriculture and agroforestry. Crop diversification is essential for food sustainability.

Our Food Forest in Madagascar, A Sustainable Food Development Model

What is a food forest? A low-maintenance, sustainable, plant-based food production and agroforestry model, based on woodland ecosystems for human food production. Through a model of agro-forestry we teach people how to create food abundance in the form of edible landscapes and crop diversification. Sustainably growing food is taught by mentoring the community and involving them in the building, maintaining, harvesting, and preserving of the food forest. When regreening, creating a food forest is one of the best ways to turn dirt into rich soil, renewing life and quality back into the ground where it may otherwise be barren dirt. 

The Round Houses

Our food forest has been growing since 2017. In 2024, we plan to allow tourists to stay at our round houses on the food forest property as well as receive a tour. Our Madagascar Food Forest Round House destination will be listed as an ecotourism destination in Madagascar with international travel companies.


Please visit our contact page and email us if you have interest in visiting our food forest in Madagascar and The Round Houses. We are located at Fokontany Beiriana Commune in the Mahabo District Ambohidratrimo, region Analamanga.

Mobile Library Education At The Food Forest

Having a food forest allows us to demonstrate this agricultural method in its full potential. We teach agricultural values and skills regarding diversified cropland, aligned with skills development in agroforestry. We are also able to share our bounty from the food forest and hold various workshops for kids and adults whether to have reading lessons and/or learn about permaculture food systems in Madagascar. We also offer our full education services and mobile library resources to all who visit us.

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