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Research has shown that literacy and education is directly linked to a better quality of life.

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Several areas of Madagascar are also isolated and have limited or no access to books or education. Poverty and illiteracy are a natural duo in a vicious cycle. “Compared to other countries, Madagascar ranks at the 15 percentile in access and at the 18 percentile in learning,” according to EPDC.

Mobile Library loaded with books educational resources

Education is at the core of what we do. Our van is a mobile resource hub. We have around 4,000 books in our rotation that are shared between villages as we travel and do visitations with each Malagasy village. Depending upon roads, we usually see four villages on rotation in each year. Our Madagascar Mobile Library book collection contains Malagasy, French and English books. We also have educational games and mobile power that we share so that people can charge devices while they read. We would also like share tech devices in the future like laptops and iPads for accelerated learning. 

Information Directory & Mentoring

We carry a diverse selection of book titles and themes. We have language development titles, encyclopedias, books on Madagascar’s environment, mycology, various other sciences categories and even titles about alternative energy. Because we have so many kinds of books we are able to help all age levels and reading levels. We love to help the local people find answers to their most burning questions, and also provide mentoring to help them achieve goals which can improve livelihoods.

Reading Lessons, Exam Prep, & Tutoring

Various levels of education are available for all ages and reading levels. Whether existing Malagasy school kids need help in preparing to pass a critical exam or someone wants to learn how to read; we are here. We provide individual one on one time as well as group lessons. 

Community Building & Workshops

We host workshops where we focus on community building and evolving on various topics, such as: health, agriculture practices, family relations, the environment, finance management, and read out loud kid activities, group tutoring, and end of year celebrations for all to display what they’ve learned. Because we stay with the villages we get a chance to really develop trust and implement changes that will improve literacy, education, health, agricultural sustainability, and environmental improvements.

Mobile Library Education Process


Established first traveling mobile library program in Madagascar


We hold an open forum community meeting to get a feel for what they need most and also start to build a report with parents and their children.


We will visit 2x per month for 1 week for the duration of the school year to offer our services and guidance. At the end of the year we hold a celebration event.


We leave behind food forests for schools and receptive families, as well as smaller self managed libraries. We check in periodically in following years.

Have you ever heard of William Kamkwamba, the boy from Malawi who harnessed the wind?​

He and his family endured intense poverty and hunger until he found an unexpected solution. Using library books, at the age of 14, he built a windmill to power his family’s home from scraps. Research has shown that literacy and education is directly linked to a better quality of life. Mobile libraries can be utilized to empower and improve Malagasy lives through education & resources. Our goal is to provide relevant educational materials and resources needed to give access to this kind of change. William now has a film out on Netflix about his life called, “The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind.” 

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